When I sous vide chicken, I usually go no higher than 150F and it is perfectly safe. As Zenji points out, killing bad things is a function of temperature and time (http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/04/sous-v...). I’ve eaten chicken that is 140F, but frankly didn’t like the texture. For me 150F is a nice compromise.
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This is sooooo much better than the other one referenced because: (1) hinged legs; (2) legs not made of cardboard; and (3) the wall side of the top is basically resting on the ledger board, not hanging from hinges, which makes it much stronger..
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I sort of feel like the Chef’s Knife and Santoku are a bit redundant. I grew up in a Japanese household and for many, many years the Santoku was my default. About 10 years ago I switched to a 10” Chef’s Knife and just like it better. While I still have a Santoku, if I was counseling someone just starting out, I’d say… » 4/20/15 11:47am 4/20/15 11:47am

Like Google’s gmail site, which has no link, like on the normal site, to allow you to force it to check imported mail accounts. Drives me fucking batty, especially since the full site is horrific on a mobile.
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This would be interesting if it was some organically modeled structure to optimize the essence of a violin in some way. But it just looks decoration that detracts from the playability of the instrument.
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I like my VPI Scout with the JMW 9 tonearm. It's wired up with a Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge fed by a VPI SDS power supply and run into a ARC PH5 phono preamp. Of course I bought it when I was childless, single, spent more time listening to music, and had an obscene amount of disposable income. » 4/10/15 10:07am 4/10/15 10:07am

Never understood why minimalism is a goal. I’m not into retail therapy, but I see no benefits in minimalism. Take tools. I started acquiring tools at an early age—my dad’s philosophy was to fix your own stuff, build your own stuff and improve your own stuff on your own as much as possible. He also taught me to buy… » 4/08/15 12:47pm 4/08/15 12:47pm